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Alliance World – Driven by the Culture of Performance

The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for not only the Indian commercial market, but one can see this phenomenon throughout the world. If we consider the personal & healthcare market, there was a panic situation initially with regards to availability of hygiene products such as hand sanitizers & disinfectants. Due to this situation, there was shortage for a brief period. Development of cheap, fake and harmful products entering the Indian market has resulted in supply of substandard products leading to various skin diseases due to the limited regulatory forces in effect.

As a matter of fact, a hand sanitizer is expected to sanitize your hands while also protecting your skin. There are specific ingredients that formulate a good, non-toxic & safe hand sanitizer which is safe for skin and the environment as well. However, during this pandemic, certain manufacturers used banned / toxic chemicals only for the sake of flooding the market with harmful products and making selfish and fraudulent monetary gains.

We at Alliance Formulations condemn such unethical tendencies and strongly believe in our principles of providing products that are certified and developed through legal, and socially/ medically / environmentally acceptable means,” shares the team of Alliance World.

A World of Possibilities

Alliance Formulations is a subsidiary which is a part of Alliance World Group. It was established as RMGR (RamdittaMal Ganga Ram) group, a multi-functional establishment in Gojra situated near Lyallpurin the year 1929 (undivided India). “We are RMGR’s torchbearers today, with a vision committed to advanced hygiene solutions through research & development via socially and environmentally acceptable means in the interest of users and stakeholders as well as society at large,” says the team of Alliance Formulations. Alliance Formulations has been manufacturing products for leading multinationals such as, ITC, Johnson & Johnson, Lonza, Schulke, and Sanosil to name a few.

The company has its own brand – Algard since 2004, that is extensive and caters to various industries, from hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants to aerial disinfectants. It also covers animal care products. Many of its disinfectants and hand sanitizers are CDSCO & DCGI approved as well as registered formulations with US. E.P.A, these being the highest Indian regulatory bodies for certification of healthcare products. The brand Algard is well received in the healthcare & pharmaceutical sectors since 2004 and in November 2019, the products were developed and made available to general public to promote better hygiene. Recently their product ‘W10 – Water Disinfectant’ has been approved by FSSAI for use in packaged drinking water.

Symbolic of Alliance World’s priorities with respect to its products and manufacturing practices, the company’s team has coined the acronym: ‘SHE’ which stands for ‘Safety, Health & Environment.’

Struggles of the World

Taking the pandemic head on was nothing less than ‘Taking the bull by its horns’. But the team at Alliance Formulations managed the escalated requirements by making its disinfectants and hand sanitizers easily and widely available. “Our production team worked selflessly day & night in spite of the pandemic wreaking havoc worldwide,” says Mr. Anil Nagpal, a Partner in Alliance World. The company’s sales teams work closely with users and buyers to ensure that there are no gaps in availability and people do not face shortage at any given point. Additionally, the company donated 21,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to the government for various hospitals and medical staff working selflessly during these tough times.

Not just in 2020, but if considered, all these diseases like COVID-19, EBOLA, HIV, Influenza, Mildwest, etc., have entered our eco-system through animals. Alliance Formulations developed product lines to tackle such viruses at grassroot level by formulating ‘animal care disinfectant products’ that are being used in various breeding farms and dairies and preventing the viruses from coming in contact with humans at the very first stage. The company has managed to do all of this with the advent of various technological advancements.

Incorporating new technologies in any industry is vital. With new situations arising every now and then, a business should adapt and evolve continually. Today, technology is not just limited to creating a new product, but it plays an equally important role for a business to introduce it in the market and make sure it has maximum outreach.

At Alliance Formulations, working closely with world leaders like Sanosil and Dr. Schumacher the company’s endeavor is to adopt new technologies and implement them for all its products for the safety and convenience of users. “To achieve maximum outreach, we have adopted new technologies to strengthen our supply chain and delivery,” shares Mr. Anil.


Taking over from his father Mr. O. P Nagpal in 1980, Founder & CEO of Alliance Formulations, Mr. Anil Nagpal is a champion in logistics and manufacturing. He steered the company towards new technologies, development and growth. To begin with, taking good care of the workers & staff was the top priority for Mr. Anil who believes in the power of ‘Team Work’. His belief in the dictum – “If you want to achieve, work hard …but if you want to grow, work along,” has taken Alliance Formulations to new heights. Under his leadership, the company stands as a leading powerhouse for research, development & manufacturing of hygiene products.

Currently, as part of its growth strategy for marketing and modern practices, Alliance Formulations has brought in Ms. Garima Nagpal to join her father, Mr. Anil as their lead marketing executive. Ms. Garima has been instrumental in creating robust marketing strategies for group performance and also giving it a new approach & outlook in terms of branding & technology. During this pandemic she has led the company from the frontlines and has provided a fresh impetus.

Advising young entrepreneurs, she says, “Focus on the way these products are manufactured, by committing themselves to high ethical benchmarks in developing safe & ethical products, which in my view is the core principle to be followed in any industry, and even more so in pharmaceuticals.” Complimenting the above quote Mr. Anil concludes, “To bring about a paradigm shift in the way these products are sold by adopting new technologies, working closely with users in order to make usage convenient and effective and also use I.T., to strengthen supply chain management which is important in a large country like ours, so that the products reach maximum people at optimal costs.